Public donations and corporate sponsorships are our bread and butter. A collaborative effort involving the community and cannabis industry. Cannabis for Sick Children proudly displays all sponsorships and large donations. We love all your donations, if you wish your name posted we will do so proudly.

Every dollar goes to helping sick children and their families.


Volunteers are our workforce, everyone can play a roll, are you and educator, mentor, activist, public speaker, computer guru, or just want a caring team to work with. We accept and need every ones help.

In this day and age we don't even to leave home to help.



Cannabis for Sick Children is a volunteer organization, we rely heavily on our management team of directors and co-directors. People who can be a public voice or supporting staff. Administration and fundraising activities, and hopefully some of the fun stuff too.

This type of dedication is not for everyone so we thank those who do these rolls from the deepest part of our heart.

From the families, Thank you !!!!


Donations & Sponsorships